What is a Content Management System you may ask. What’s its use. Well, it is not a hard thing to figure out. Its name says it all. A Content Management system (CMS) is a system that manages the creation and modificaton of a websites's ditital content. Web content includes text, graphics, photos, sound, video, maps and program code that displays the content of a website or interacts with the user.

We specialise in wordpress CMS, which is the most popular platform for building any type of website you can imagine. A fresh and up to date website is a lively one.

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Yebo is a black-owned and managed office solutions company centered on the need to bring Office Solution, services and skills to Africa.The ethos of knowledge transfer is our focus for ommunicating a ‘culture of computing’ in Africa.We believe it is our unique ability to understand and meet the needs of Office Solution in Africa that gives us the leading edge

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