A company logo plays a big role in a business. It is an image of your company; it is the face that customers see. It is the expression of what your company is all about in visual mode. A logo is also vital to the branding of a company, for all branding activities of an organization.

Yebo ICT makes it its goal to design for your business logos that are fabulously eye catching. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our designs are Beauty in the eye of every beholder. You only give us the idea of what you want for your business, we bring it to life! Give your company a strong visual brand. That is an important factor to every company’s success. We design logos that reflects your company’s mission and the values of your brand.

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Yebo is a black-owned and managed office solutions company centered on the need to bring Office Solution, services and skills to Africa.The ethos of knowledge transfer is our focus for ommunicating a ‘culture of computing’ in Africa.We believe it is our unique ability to understand and meet the needs of Office Solution in Africa that gives us the leading edge

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